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Jeremy Tinline

Owner / Class A Technician

As the owner of Vic's Auto, I take immense pride in our ongoing dedication to serving the Kingston Community with unparalleled service, a commitment that traces its roots back to my early days in the automotive industry during the 1990s. My journey began at Petro Canada, where I set myself apart by consistently delivering exceptional service, consistently surpassing my colleagues, and always going the extra mile to fulfill each customer's unique needs..

In 1995, I embraced the opportunity to take the reins at Vic's Auto, driven by my desire to elevate our commitment to serving our valued clients. I want to assure you that my dedication remains unwavering, with the same core principles guiding us today as they did back then: Precision, Quality, and Expertise.

Even now, Vic continues to actively engage in Sales and Leasing operations right from our property. It's incredibly valuable for me to have a seasoned business veteran with over 40 years of experience available to offer guidance, ensuring both myself and Vic's Auto continually strive for excellence.

While my primary focus lies in the repair aspect of our business, I also hold a valid vehicle salesman license and occasionally delve into the world of used car sales.
Jeremy Tinline - owner of Vic's Automotive


Oil being poured into a funnel for an oil change on a car

Oil Changes

Regularly changing the oil in a car is important for maintaining the health and longevity of the engine.

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Diagnostic computer being used to service a car

Computer Diagnostics

Car computer diagnostics, also known as on-board diagnostics, is a system used to detect and diagnose issues with a vehicle's engine, transmission, and other electronic systems.

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Gauges being used to service an air conditioning system on a vehicle

A/C System Service

Servicing a car's air conditioning system, which includes tasks such as recharging the refrigerant and lubricating the compressor, can help ensure the system is working efficiently and effectively.

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Service technician doing a safety inspection on a vehicle

Safety Inspection & Appraisals

Safety inspections and appraisals are essential for ensuring that a vehicle is in good working condition and determining its fair market value, respectively.

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Corrosion Free rustproofing image

Corrosion Free Rustproofing

Corrosion free rustproofing is a process that aims to protect a vehicle's metal surfaces from rust and corrosion by applying a protective coating.

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For Over 40 Years, Our Licensed Auto Mechanics Have Been Working On Domestic & Import Vehicle Repairs In Kingston, Ontario!

Are you looking for a honest, reliable shop for your regular auto maintenance? Or do you need work or an inspection on your commercial vehicle? Deciding to buy a pre-owned vehicle and looking for advice or a once over inspection? Squealing brakes have you worried? Contact Vic’s Auto to get help with all of this and more.

Here Is A Partial List Of Our Automotive Services:

⚬ Brakes
⚬ Tune-Up
⚬ Electrical
⚬ Vehicles Inspections
⚬ Clutch
⚬ Lube oil and filter service
⚬ Timing Belt Replacement
⚬ Engine tune-up
⚬ Fuel Injection Cleaning
⚬ Air conditioning service
⚬ Aftermarket Accessory Installs
⚬ Trailer Hitches
⚬ Brake Service
⚬ Comprehensive Inspection and Maintenance
⚬ Power steering fluid, flush and service
⚬ Brake fluid flush
⚬ Cooling system, flush and service
⚬ Transmission flush and service
⚬ Winter and summer tire swapping
⚬ Wheel Balancing and Tire Rotation
⚬ Winter and spring servicing
⚬ Pre-purchase inspection
⚬ Fleet Maintenance
⚬ Wiring and Brake Controllers

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