• Jeremy Tinline

    Jeremy Tinline

    Owner / Class A Technician
  • Jeremy Tinline

    Owner / Class A Technician

    I started in the auto industry in the 1990's. One of my part time jobs was a gas attendent . I had an opportunity to help people with breakdown problems changing tires, fanbelts and wiperblades. It was nice to develop a skill to help people and do something not everyone can do. Petro Canada had promotions for the employess to look after cars coming in, and one of the requirements was to make sure the vehicles had decent wiper blades. I suppose I had a knack at finding bad wipers, my sales statistics always surpassed my co-workers. It was then that my nic name the "Wiper Blade King" was born. I am glad to say that nic name has been retired.

    I attended college at Centennial College, located in Toronto. I attened a 2 year Automotive Business Administration Degree program. I graduated in 1995 and immediately started my apprenticeship with Vic's Auto. Who would've thought that one day I would own the shop. soon there after, I received my technician licence. .

    As business increased, my duties started to include looking after the business and learning the ins and outs. This influenced me to buy the shop and in 2013 I purchased the shop. Vic still continues his sales and leasing from the property. It's great for me to have someone who has over 40 years of business experience be able to lend advise. Although I am focused on the repair side of the business, I have a vehicle salesman licence and dable in used car sales. .

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